romeurope_political_report_2015_-_ostracism._cover.jpg Romeurope Political Report 2015-Ostracism 2015 Political report of the National Human Rights Collective


[n.m. fig.] : The act of declaring, proclaiming a person unworthy of any
consideration; denouncing that person to the public contempt.

Press release


Ostracism: the French state and local authorities are condemning inhabitants
of squat settlements and slums to exclusion

Today, the Collectif National Droits de l’Homme Romeurope (National Human Rights
Collective Romeurope) will publish two reports on the situation of Eastern and Central
European inhabitants of squats, settlements and slums in France.

One thing is clear: since the resurgence of slums 25 years ago, public policies
regarding inhabitants are disastrous. Evictions without credible alternative housing
solutions of squat settlements and slum inhabitants persist and worsen their situation
each day. The CNDH Romeurope demands stabilization of the situation of these
people, including secure living spaces: The only solution to move towards more social

The continuation of this policy of evictions associated with other factors only
reinforces social ruptures and banishment of these populations by increasing
stigmatization and violent racist acts, barriers to education, non-protection of children,
obstacles to access economic and social rights or healthcare, forced expulsions from
French territory.

The situation of children living in squat settlements and slums is particularly critical.
Both reports highlight the innumerable obstacles that are placed on children’s lives:
evictions, denial of education, lack of protection of children at risk and child victims of
exploitation. State and local governments must not abandon these children!

The CNDH Romeurope welcomes the recent statements of the French State and
certain local authorities concerning steps to welcome refugees. We hope this will
translate into concrete measures regarding accommodation and schooling for
children who do not speak French. These statements prove that when there is
willingness, solutions can be found for all and that the issue of slums is not

Press contact:
Manon Fillonneau – 00 336 68 43 15 15 –
Twitter: @CNDH_Romeurope



I. Public policies focusing on goals rather than

– An absurd policy of destruction of slums and squat
settlements in contempt of their inhabitants
– Circular of 26 August 2012 void of meaning
– The slum clearance mission managed by Adoma
– Focus : In Ile-de-France, the AIOS platform
– What place for people in public policies of common law?
– Focus : And the European Union?

II. Systemic ostracism: the continuity of an
exclusion policy and exacerbated disruption
for the persons concerned

– Racist stigmatization, acts and remarks
– Children
* Schooling
* Focus: The worrying situation of girls
* Protection of children at risk
– Social rights and the right to health
– Access to employment
– Right to residence and forced expulsion